"I don't care..."

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Written by: The editor in chief at elshamal.com LinaDiab

I don't care if we climb the highest  mountain or we dive through the deepest sea..

I don't care if we sit in an expensive restaurant or we eat a cheap sandwich while driving with no destination all night long..
I don't care if we have a flight to the most famous city in the world or we just watch a movie at home...
I don't care if we take a boat crossing seas to reach an extraordinary island or we sit to watch the sunset at the beach..
I don't care if you buy me diamonds, gold&many other expensive gifts, or you express your feelings towards me with simple issues but big acts...
It's not because i don't need all those things& not because i don't enjoy being fulfilled  by your generous gifts..
It's because i'm in love , & all i need is to be with you..
I need to look into you eyes to see life through them..
I need you to hold my hand to feel your tenderness..
I would be in heaven for just you teasing me&me teasing you all night long..
I need to feel your presence in my life..
I need your love to touch my spirit..
I want you to show me that you care about me
 as i do care ..
Just ...about you !
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